Any golfers, 18 years and older are invited to join regardless of skill level.

Newer golfers are strongly encouraged to join.  There is nothing that will teach you to be a better golfer and to enjoy the game more than playing in a competitive environment.

This is the beauty of the Handicapping system in golf.  Handicaps are used to balance the field between highly skilled golfers and those who are not as skilled.  

Handicaps are used in golf to balance the field between golfers of various skill levels.  Players establish a handicap after playing a certain number of rounds of golf and entering their scores into the GHIN system.  Once established that rating is used to determine how players are grouped (called flights) so that higher handicapped players compete against other higher handicapped players and visa versa.

The benefit to maintaining an official handicap is that a) it will allow you to track your progression as a golfer b) it allows you to play in official tournaments and c) certain courses, like St. Andrews in Scotland (the home of golf), require you to have an official handicap to play the course.

In order to have an official USGA/SCGA recognized handicap you need to “associate” with an official league or club such as the Sepulveda Golf Club.  Our Associate membership allows you to sign up and be a member of both the Sepulveda Golf Club as well as the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association).  The primary difference between an Associate Membership versus a Full Membership is that full members are allow to participate in all club events whereas Associates are invited to a select few.

Besides impressing your friends at dinner parties, all members who join are also made members of the SCGA and can participate in SCGA events such as golf outings, trips and special events.  You will also receive a subscription to the SCGA’s “Fore” magazine as well as a $15 gift certificate to Roger Dunn Golf Shops.


Visit the Tournaments page for the Sepulveda Golf Club or use the links that are sent to members to register.  Once you have visited the portal for an event there is a link on the left hand side to register.

Either you are not a member, your membership has expired, or you are an Associate trying to register for an event that is not open to Associate members.  Please contact the Membership Chairman for more information.

Besides pride, each event typically features a Low Gross/Net tournament as well as side games.

Players who place in the top 3 of their respective flight for either the Gross or Net Tournament will receive a payout in the form of a Script check.  Script can be used to pay for the registration for future events or can be used as a gift certificate at Roger Dunn Golf Shops.  They cannot be cashed.

Side games, such as Gross/Net Skins, Closest to the Hole and Honey Pot are optional side games that players can buy into when checking in for an event.  Winners of side games are paid in cash.

Winnings can typically be picked up at check in at a later event.

During registration of events there is a comments section of the registration form which allows you to request certain times or to be put into certain groupings.  Please keep in mind that while we do our best to accommodate those requests there is no pleasing everyone. 

Players who have signed up for the event will receive an email notice when results are released or can visit the Tournaments section.


This may be happening for a few reasons:

  • Ensure there is not an extra space either before or after your last name or GHIN Number
  • Do not include a “dash” in your GHIN Number.
  • If you have any leading zeros at the beginning of your GHIN Number, do not include them.

You may have an Inactive membership, please contact the handicap chair.

The ability to manually post a total score is available at www.ghin.com

We do not have the Par or Stroke Index data available in our database for that course/tee.  Please post a total score and contact the handicap chair.

You can edit Stats as well as add Stats to a hole-by-hole score posted within the “Stats” section of www.ghin.com

You can “Follow” golfers within the “Golfer Lookup” section of both the GHIN Mobile App and ghin.com.

A digital version of this card is available within the GHIN Mobile App.

Help Me

Assuming your entered your email address correctly chances are that emails coming from the club are ending up in your email spam folder.  Search your folder for [email protected] and make sure to unblock those emails or add that address to your contact list.

Easy – don’t click on sign in.  We do not use that feature in Golf Genius so it will not work.  Using the link provided on the Tournament page or in the emails is enough to sign up for events.

Unfortunately, the tournament management system we use works in conjunction with the SCGA so when you provide your email during registration you are automatically added to our email list.  The system does not have an email opt out feature at this time but we have requested it.  

Our suggestion is that you block norepl[email protected] on your email program to prevent seeing emails.