Member Actions

In order to renew your membership you will need your GHIN number and log into the SCGA website to renew.

If you are unable to locate your GHIN number please contact the Membership Chairman.

It is every players responsibility to post all of your golf scores regardless if they are a nine hole round, a casual /practice round,  round you play while on vacation or a round played with someone else’s equipment.  The only exception, in accordance with the USGA rules is if you play more than the majority of the round by yourself.   Failure to abide by these rules can lead to disqualification from playing in SGC events.

In order to post scores we strongly encourage that you download the official GHIN app to your smartphone or by logging in to  The Sepulveda Golf Club no longer maintains a posting computer at facility.

Checking your current handicap can be done via the aforementioned GHIN app or by visiting

Can’t find your GHIN number?  Contact the Membership Chairman for help.

Associate members who wish to upgrade to a full member need to notify the Membership Chairman of their interest to upgrade and which upcoming tournament you wish to participate in.  We will add you to the roster for that event and when you arrive to check in you will be required to pay the difference ($65) to upgrade to a full member.