SCGA Junior Golf Newsletter, Nov 2020

Newsletter from Junior Golf

When I first got involved with SCGA Junior as a 10-year-old who barely knew how to swing a club, I never could have predicted the impact that it would have on me over the next 10 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the support I’ve received from the Foundation.

My name is Alejandro Cortez and I am a scholarship recipient currently attending Rio Hondo Community College. I plan to transfer to USC or a UC school to study mechanical engineering. Being a scholar has increased my self esteem because I’m around other people who are going to college and it just gives me the confidence to know that I can do that, too. 

I also work as a coach in our Player & Youth Development program in the Southeast LA community where I grew up. 

SCGA Junior has done a lot for me, and it’s never been more clear than during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Both of my parents own their own businesses and I’m used to helping out at home. However, when the pandemic hit, I was able to apply many of the lessons I’d learned on the golf course to my new business practices. 

Through connections I’ve made with SCGA Junior, I was able to start selling PPE equipment from my dad’s supply company to Pico Rivera GC, a course I grew up playing and now coach at. SCGA Junior always encourages us to meet new people, make connections and it’s paying off. I realized that I can apply all these skills that I’ve been practicing through golf in a business setting.

I’ve also become more active in my mom’s daycare, creating new curriculums for her students using the positive youth development principles that I’ve learned as a coach.

SCGA Junior has given me so much, so being a coach is my way of paying it forward. I was taught at a young age that when someone teaches you something, the best thing to do is to teach it to someone else. For me to coach and teach other kids the game of golf the way that SCGA Junior taught it to me is the best way for me to pay it back. 

I’m not the only young person who wants to give back because of our experiences with the Foundation. Below you’ll meet Aidan Grimsley, a junior golfer who recently raised money in the Golf-A-Thon fundraiser. This program changes lives for kids like us, and we are so thankful for all of your support and everything you do to make this possible.

Again, thank you,

Alejandro Cortez Coach & Scholar
Coaching From Home Scholar and coach Alejandro Cortez is taking the lessons he’s learned from golf and applying them in his personal life. READ › Giving Back by Playing Avid Golf Pass member Aidan Grimsley played in this year’s Golf-A-Thon to raise money for the Foundation. READ ›

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